Project Description


Finalize a Pennsylvania Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan meeting FEMA’s standards and following the Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for State Governments.

The plan will establish resilience through state-level leadership and structure organization, create communication systems among various stakeholders, and build community partnerships to support recovery efforts. This plan will prepare state-level agencies and recovery stakeholders to anticipate the needs of recovery management prior to the disaster, which also assists in accelerating the delivery of resources to disaster impacted communities, including funding and technical assistance.

Current Pennsylvania Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan

"Developing a pre-disaster recovery plan equips States with the structure, process, roles, and policies to be well prepared to meet the unique recovery needs of each of their communities." Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for State Government (FEMA, November 2016) ​​


 What is a Recovery Plan?


A single reference for guiding action and decision making during the difficult disaster recovery period, as well as detailing actions that can be taken before a disaster strikes to speed the recovery process and make a community more disaster resilient.

Identifies polices, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that will guide decisions that affect long-term recovery and redevelopment of the community after a disaster.

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 Recovery Resources

Pennsylvania Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan​​​​​​