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The Pennsylvania Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan will be a single reference for guiding action and decision making during the difficult disaster recovery period, as well as detailing actions that can be taken before a disaster strikes to speed the recovery process and make a community more disaster resilient. The plan will identify polices, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation that will guide decisions that affect long-term recovery and redevelopment of the community after a disaster.​​​


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 Recovery Support Function Table

Recovery Function Primary Agency /Task Lead
RSF 1: Community Planning and Capacity Building Denny Puko, DCED
RSF 2: Economic Vacant, DCED
RSF 3: Health & Social Services Jeff Backer, PA Department of Health
RSF 4: Housing Kathy Possinger, DCED
RSF 5: Infrastructure Systems Robert Boos, PA Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST)
RSF 6: Natural & Cultural Resources Rachel Reyna, DCNR
Elizabeth Rairigh, PHMC
Pennsylvania Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan​​​​​​